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Win Health Ltd supply a wide range of medical and nursing products to care homes nationwide. Volume discounts available. Best sellers: HipSaver soft hip protectors (underwear, pyjamas, long and short casuals) protect elderly people from fall related hip fractures; HipSavers are incontinence compatible. FallSmart bedside fall out mats reduce injuries caused by accidental falling out of bed. FibreFresh washable incontinence bed and chair pads and large range of FibreFresh breathable waterproof bedding and mattress protectors; Bespoke service available. DermaSaver pressure reducing protectors for difference body areas (ie. shin, leg, heel, arm, forearm and hand protectors and finger separators) prevent bruising, skin tears and shears, lacerations, abrasions and painful sores. No Rinse shampoo caps and full body bathing wipes improve personal hygiene, when people are too frail or weak to bathe or shower. TENS machines for pain relief. Neuromuscular stimulators for muscle rehabilitation. Compressor and ultrasonic nebulisers. Blood pressure monitors and digital thermometers. Electric and infrared heating pads. Hand sanitisers in pocket sizes and wall dispensers, anti-bacterial soaps, soluble laundry bags and laundry bag holders. ArmRx Arm and Leg Gloves plaster cast and bandages protectors.


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